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48 million Americans—or nearly one in five, age 12 and older—experience hearing loss severe enough to hinder communication. If you think you or someone you know has hearing loss, the next step is an easy one - confirm it by seeing a hearing aid professional.

Did you know? Hearing loss treatment is shown to improve communication, earning power, intimacy and connections in family relationships, emotional stability, physical health and ease of communication. 9 out of 10 hearing aid users report improvements in their quality of life!

Like computers, smartphones and most other high-tech devices, hearing aids have advanced significantly in just the past several years. Thanks to more detailed research, faster processing speeds, new features and smarter designs, today's hearing aids are definitely not your father's hearing aids. Which is why there is no reason to "just put up" with hearing loss any longer. Start your search for hearing aids in Iowa by contacting a trained hearing consultant to help you find answers. Whether you're looking for a knowledgeable hearing professional in your area or gathering basic information about hearing loss and hearing aids, a phone call is a great first step.

Whether you consult with an audiologist, an ENT doctor or a hearing aid specialist in Iowa, it's important to see someone who specializes in hearing issues. These trained experts have the experience and technology needed to precisely diagnose and measure your degree of hearing loss. If you do have hearing loss that can be helped with hearing aids, our experts will guide you to the best hearing aid choices for your lifestyle and your budget.